Family Histories
and Genealogical Data

Various individuals have submitted Family Histories and Genealogical Lines to our Reference Library. In the cases where the Family History is concerned primarily with White County lines, the entire publication is displayed. In at least three cases, one is directed to an external website. Others have submitted global lines on families, some members of which resided in White County. To obtain additional information on those global lines, one is directed to request information through our "Contacts" tab.

Abernathy Family Genealogy, Unknown Author. Click to View.
A03. Alexander-Hulsey Family Data by Cheryl Alexander Ellis. Click to View.
A04. Allison Family Data by James W. Fisher. Click to View.
WCHS. Allison Research by Moreta Allison Tharpe. Click to View.
A05. Allison History, (A Text), by Moreta Allison Thorpe. Click to View.
B02. Barfield Family Data by Joyce Barfield. Click to View.
B05. Black and Bell Family Reunions collected by Shirley McDonald. Click to View.
B08. Enoch Brady, Sr., by Everett P. Brady. Click to View.
B09. Brown Research Data compiled by Bessie May Lundsford Brown. Click to View.
B10. Blacks of Habersham County, White County and North Georgia. Click to View.
B11. Ancestors and Descendents of Jason Lee Brown by Charlotte Palmer. Click to View.
C01. Leonard C. Carpenter Family by Rebecca Hogan Giles. Click to View.
C02. They Call Me a Coker Nut by Marcelle Coker White. Click to View.
WCHS. Crumley Family History by Truett W. Crumley. Click to View.
D01. Dorsey Family - Hallie Dorsey Mize by Lavinier Mize Hicks. Click to View.
D03. Descendants of Peter Davidson of Scotland. Click to View.
D04. Extracts from David Densmore's Bible by Glen Densmore. Click to View.
E01. Etris Family Genealogy by Janet Nis Cox Click to View.
E02. The Evans Family, (Dr. Westly Emory), by Patricia M. Adams. Click to View.
F01. Ferguson Family Data by Leonard L. Danron (1995). William Ferguson (1764-1834). Click to View.
WCHS 210. Lewis-Turner-Etris by Marcella Lewis Wunderlich. Click to View.
WCHS. Mauldin Family History by Mauldie Morris Neill. Click to View.
M04. Dr. Joseph Murdock and Family by Mary Murdock Turney. Joseph Murdock (1765?-1823). Click to View.
W10. Major Edward Williams (1780-1856) from Relics of a Forgotten Place by George W. Williams. Click to View.
WCHS 192. The Williams and Carrington Families. Click to View.
WCHS 212. The Will of Major Edward Williams. Click to View.
WCHS 109. Winkler Ancestors by Vanessa Sebolt. Click to View.