The Potter Sculpture.
Our Primary Project for 2017.

The WCHS Board of Directors has determined that the Society should raise the remainder of the funds needed funds for the Pottery Sculpture in 2017. Approximately $ 17, 000.00 is needed to complete this project.
White County has had a long history of both commercial and artistic potters at work in various locations. As early as 1821, and possibly before, folk potters with names including Craven, Davidson, Pitchford, Brown, Dorsey, Warwick and Meaders produced utilitarian pottery over the years. As many as 13 different shops existed the the years. By the 1960's only one shop was left. Later, Lanier Meaders became famous for his Face Jugs and begin a class of pottery that a number of potters continue to create. His revival of the Folk Pottery movement allowed local potters to generate income and revive an almost lost art.
To honor these artists and the tradition of pottery manufacture in White County, the White County Historical Society is currently raising funds for a bronze sculpture entitled "The Potter." The Potter sculpture will be located on the northwest side of the Historic Courthouse grounds to join "The Discovery" on the northeast side.
If you wish to support this project, a Donation Form can be found on the drop down link by clicking the Current Projects tab.

Mustering Grounds Plaque Funded and Installed!
The Dedication was held on Oct. 15, 2016.
For Photographs of the Dedication, Click Here.




Cleveland Historic Cemetery Project

Trustees of the Cleveland Historic Cemetery along with the White County Historical Society's Committee has undertaken to beautify and preserve the public Cleveland Historic Cemetery. There are three phases to the project:
Phase I included the building of an attractive entrance with an archway of iron joined onto a stacked rock wall. The entrance wingwall is placed in memory of Rosamond Black and Carl Black by Betty and Pinky Black, and Jan and Clark McDonald. Phase I is now complete.
Phase II is the construction of iron fence sections and stacked rock columns. Only 7 fence sections and three columns remain to be sponsored and construction completed on Phase II.
Phase III is the beatification of the Flag Pole Area in honor of Shirley McDonald. This phase was completed and a Dedication Acrimony was held on July 17, 2016.
Donations are being accepted on Phase Two and Three. Please contact the White County Historical Society at P.O. Box 1139, Cleveland, GA 30528

Pottery Comes to Town

Five years ago the White County Historical Society recognized the need for a central location and date for the local potters to display and sell their art. Pottery Comes to Town is a one-day festival held in conjunction with the White County Chamber of Commerce's Agri-Fest Country Market on the Fourth Saturday of September. This year's show and sale was held on September 24, 2016 on the North Parking Lot of the White County Courthouse. 24 potters displayed their wares and art. The event was termed a suscess despite the hot weather of the afternoon. The income accruing to the White County Historical Society will be dedicated to the Potter Sculpture Fund.

Teresa New Technology Project

The Oral Histories and the Older WCHS Audio Meeting Tapes have been converted to MP3's and CD's. These are available in the Clerk's Office.
Many of the General History Papers and History Papers have been scanned and delivered. These items are available in the Clerk's Office. The scanned General History Papers and History Papers are now available under the Research tab of this site.
Additional General History Papers and History Papers have been scanned and are being modified for easier reading. These will be delivered shortly.
The Family History documents are being scanned. A decision as to additional documents to be scanned is underway.
The Historic Photographs collection is being scanned.
The conversion of the Videos of the WCHS Meeting Tapes has been completed are are available in the Clerk's Office.
Photography of our collections and their loading on the Past Prefect software is i9n process.
Internet Connectivity is in the process of being installed and the activation of additional computer resources is planned.
For a small Historical Society with limited manpower, this has turned into a massive project. It is hoped this project will be completed by Spring, 2017.

White County Historic Courthouse
Ongoing Maintenance

Maintenance of a 155+-year-old building is an ongoing project.
The new energy-efficient and historically accurate windows have been installed and the building has a shiny new appearance on a 155-year-old structure. The project was funded with SPLOST funds by the White Co. Board of Commissioners.
Recently, the curtains in the courtroom have been cleaned and rehung.
New blinds have been installed in the first floor windows.
Future maintenance projects include repainting of the interior, the installation of track lighting in the Museum Rooms and insulation of the Courtroom Ceiling
High speed internet connectivity to the building is in the planning stage.