The Potter Sculpture.
Our Primary Project for 2019.

The WCHS Board of Directors has raised the funds needed funds for the Pottery Sculpture.
White County has had a long history of both commercial and artistic potters at work in various locations. As early as 1821, and possibly before, folk potters with names including Davidson, Craven, Pitchford, Brown, Dorsey, Warwick and Meaders produced utilitarian pottery over the years. As many as 15 different shops existed the the years. By the 1960's only one shop was left. Later, Lanier Meaders became famous for his Face Jugs and begin a class of pottery that a number of potters continue to create. His revival of the Folk Pottery movement allowed local potters to generate income and revive an almost lost art.
The Bronze Statue has been cast and will be installed in the spring of 2019.

Mustering Grounds Plaque Funded and Installed!
The Dedication was held on Oct. 15, 2016.
For Photographs of the Dedication, Click Here.



Restoration of the Stovall Mill Covered Bridge


The Stovall Mill Covered Bridge was built in 1912 and was last restored in 1964. It was deeded to the Historical Society in 1977 and site improvements were made at that time.
The Bridge is in urgent need of improvements and some funds have been raised for repair and restoration. More funding is needed.
As of March, 2019 the roof has been replaced. Yet to be done are replacement of 4 structural beams, replacement of damaged siding, remediation of the interior graffiti, remediation of erosion of the stream banks, trimming of the surrounding vegetation, replacement of a picnic table and site improvements as funds permit.
To date all work has been accomplished by volunteers, however some tasks will require outside contractors.

Donations are still solicited and you may donate by:
Cash or Check by visiting the Historic Courthouse on Thursday to Saturday between the hours of 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.
Mail Checks to the White County Historical Society, P.O. Box 1139, Cleveland, GA 30528. Checks should be made to WCHS, Covered Bridge Repair Fund.

Terresa New Technology Project

Thanks to the generous gift of her children, Terresa New has been honored by a Technology Project to bring the Historical Society into the digital age.
Computers, printers, scanners and digital tools have been purchased.Software has been purchased and updated. The artifact collections of the society have been inventoried using Past Prefect software.The available copies of the Cleveland Courier from 1930 to 1975 have been digitized.Oral Histories, Meeting Audio and Video records, History Papers, Family Histories and over 30 scrapbooks have ben digitized.Several other records and data have been digitized as have tax records.
A website, whitecountyhistoricalsociety.com, has been created and many digital records are included in the website.A comments section of the site has enabled comments and questions. An email address, wchsga@outlook.com, is now active.A Facebook page, White County historical Society sees many viewers each week.
Current and future projects include digitation and classification of our photograph collection and linking the Scrapbook index to the scanned images.A cemetery location and re-inventory project is in our future as is the digitalization of additional newspapers and other records

White County Historic Courthouse
Ongoing Maintenance

Maintenance of a 155+-year-old building is an on-going project.
Energy-efficient and historically accurate windows and blinds on the first floor have been installed and the building has a shiny new appearance.The project was funded with SPLOST funds by the Board of Commissioners.
Blinds were installed on the second floor, lighting was installed on the exterior steps and track lighting was installed on the first floor using Historical Society fund in 2018.
Future projects include re-roofing of the building (summer, 2019), repair of the concrete floor, remediation of moirsture issues in one wall (using Historical Society funds) and repainting of the interior using SPLOST funds.The three air conditioning outside units are on their last legs and will need to be replaced over the next few years.